Our Team

Here at DC iron, we take great pride in our staff who work together to offer you the best service in our industry. As a family run business, most of our staff know each other well and are friends of the family.

Dave Collins, Managing Director (aka DC, Top Dog)

He's the top guy who founded the business in 1997 after spotting the demand for wrought iron components when fitting plastic handrail. He still plays a very active and vital role in running the business and has built the excellent reputation for being the 'king of stock'. Always pushing to seek perfection. 2021 sees DC reaching the milestone of his 65th birthday and he is still putting the hours and effort in to keep pushing the company forward.

Scott C, Marketing Director

Scott is responsible for company growth and manages all of the marketing material such as catalogue production and the website. Also manages the company procedures and involved in improving efficiency in the business. Scott has now been made a director of the company and is bringing a host of additional aspects to the company with his forward thinking and knowledge of modern technology. New projects to be launched soon in 2021 are a full intergrated warehouse management system and new website to showcase what we sell.

Paul R, General Manager

Has been with the business almost since the very start and knows the most about all our products. Our main sales expert and is also the General manager of the company and Daves right hand man and shoulder to lean on. Paul also handles all the automation department and theres not much he doesn’t know regarding that aspect. Hes now got a new hip and a new knee so virtually a bionic man.

Denise T, Accounts Administrator

Manages all of our accounts making sure everything balances up, chasing payments and all other admin work. Prides herself on her figures and putting her hand on any piece of admin within seconds no matter how long ago it was done. Tidiest cupboards in the North East and has recently taken up a new sport of swimming in the North Sea every weekend.

Paul S, Sales Manager (aka Young Paul)

Paul joined to deal with the increasing sales calls years ago. Known as 'Young Paul' to differentiate between the other Paul but now that his hair is changing to Grey the description of young is very dubious. Another of Paul's very important jobs is to liaise closely with our carriers in ensuring the goods get to where they are supposed to at the right time, if not he knows how to kick butt to find out why. Paul has now progressed to the title of Sales & Purchasing Manager and as well as driving sales forward he now has the added responsibility of managing the purchasing of a wide range of our products and negotiating the best deals for the company.

John K, Sales Advisor

John K joined our busy warehouse team due to demand on a part time basis and has now progressed into the office for sales and using his previous experience. John comes from considerable sales experience and has now went from part time to full time position. Another great addition to ensure our next day policy for customers is adhered to and applied. John has also now progressed within the automation side of the business. Sporting John not only is the Company Pool Champion but this year he also won the initial DC Iron Golf Championship. Still needs to improve his table tennis doubles skills with his partner Chris L in order to take the mantle away from DC and Paul F who always win the Seasons Cup.

Trevor W, Sales Advisor

Trevor has joined us after being made redundant from a very well known Architectural Ironmongery Company and brings with him over 30 years experience and a vast amount of knowledge to the job. A very good footballer in his earlier days and now a very keen golfer and won the DC Iron Golf Championship in 2021. I'm sure once he is settled in he will be banging the goals in and scoring plenty birdies with the customers. Trevor is also a keen DIY guy and has plumbing skills and is brilliant with an iron and a hoover. Trevor now picking up skills in Gate Automation and in the main handles the online order processing side of the business.

Simon P, Sales Advisor

Simon has joined us from EE customer services and is the one with the poshest voice in the office. A very good golfer and now learning the ropes of the metalwork industry and a very good aquisition to the sales team. Simon now has his regular customers who when they call simply ask for the "Posh Kid" On a recent stag do trip to Liverpool Simons dancing skills has earned him the new name of "Travolta"

Graham W, Graphic Designer

After a lot of time searching we have finally found and added our own in house Graphic Designer to manage and create all our own catalogue and marketing literature. Graham also is a keen and experienced photographer so looks after the task of ensuring our images used are of the best quality. Superb addition to the team. Graham continues to develop our website image and catalogue content with work of the highest level. His recent project was to undertake building and fitting his own hand made kitchen.

Paul F, Warehouse Manager

Joined in 2008 Paul has progressed through the company to the very important and busy role of Warehouse Manager. Paul prides himself on his neatness of packing items and watching him put a pallet together and wrap it is an art within itself. His dry sense of humour adds fun to the day. Paul's downfall unfortunately is that he is a keen Manchester Utd fan. One of four Pauls in the company !!! Paul is the official DC Iron table tennis Champion.

Chris L, Assistant Warehouse Manager

Chris comes from sitting about on his backside driving a taxi into the different world of warehousing and dispatch and has now progressed within the company to Assistant Warehouse Manager.. "Formley" dark & handsome and nicknamed "The Spaniard" due to this hes a vital part of our team being tall and strong which comes in handy when the forklift breaks down. Works alongside Paul F in ensuring the warehouse runs smoothly and efficiently. John Ks whipping boy at dinner time on the pool table and yet to perfect his serve at table tennis.

Steve G, Delivery Driver

Steve delivers all the local customers' orders. Delivery with a smile is Steves motto and nothing is a problem for this guy. Sometimes known as 6 cushion Steve on the pool table.

Andy B, Warehouse Dispatch Supervisor

Andy has joined our warehouse team from a local steel stockist and has proven to be a great asset. Loves to be kept on the go and is proving a multi skilled addition to our ever growing warehouse team. Loves the big difficult orders and sees them as a challenge. His disco dancing needs a lot of improvement though! A 10 team footy acca expert.

Paul C, Warehouse Dispatch Supervisor

Paul (no.4) has joined the company with good past experience from a large clothing distribution warehouse and settled in quickly within the dispatch team. His sense of humour came shining through at interview when asked if he was a “Red & White” (Sunderland) he quickly replied “Aye, Stoke”! Trying to lose weight by regular visits to his recently installed hot tub. Beats Andy with 12 team footy accas.

Connor B, Warehouse Operative

Connor joined our warehouse team from a local scaffolding company and took to his new role like a duck to water. Quickly progressed to being responsible for DPD manifesto collections and parcel count. Connor is a keen local footballer and known for his snazzy dress sense and amazing moves on the dance floor. He also has the amazing talent of impersonating local accents from anywhere in the UK. Total all rounder in the warehouse and dog investor. Connor takes the step into marriage in January 2022 honeymooning in Mexico.

Lee F, Warehouse Operative

Lee came to us after being with a local egg producing company for many years. A keen cyclist and loves a good egg and cress sandwich in brown bread at lunchtime. Lee works mainly with our goods in and stock movement team and is superb at keeping the warehouses spick and span. Always on the go and a keen cyclist with the nicest shaped legs at DC Iron.

Dave M, Warehouse Operative

Dave joined us from a previous Builders Merchant Depot Managers position and has proved a great addition. Very multi skilled and top of the league with his picking and dispatching of orders. Out and about he's been named "The Sambuca Kid". Always has a keen eye for health and safety procedures.

James B, Warehouse Operative

James joined us with a degree in Forensic Computing and is now advancing with a degree in fork lift truck handling. Great worker and always the first to volunteer help if anyone else needs a hand with anything. Finally got through his probation period and we expect him to now progress and improve to the standards required. The addition of a daughter this year has gave James a totally new direction now and works any hours available., not sure if thats to get away from changing nappies or his love for his work. Second child on its way in 2022.

Jordan Y, Warehouse 7 Supervisor

Jordan is a young lad joining the team with both warehouse experience and Fork Lift Truck experience. He loves anything mechanical and if its broke then he's the man to fix it. Size 12 boots and 6 ft 6 inches he's probably the biggest in the warehouse yet one of the youngest. Total machine and top of the overtime league by a mile. Progressed to be given the role of being in charge of warehouse 7 which holds the stainless steel and kee clamp products on which he is thriving on the added responsibility.

Michael C, Warehouse Operative

Michael joined us from years working in the stockrooms of a well known High Street retailer and has made the transition smoothly into the world of large warehousing. Operates alongside Jordan in Unit 7 which handles in the main the Stainless Steel products and key clamps which need particular attention to detail with coding. Moving from shirts and tee shirts to steel products has been a good move for all concerned.

Nick C, Warehouse Operative

Nick leaves his office job at EE to move back into the warehouse environment and loves getting his hands dirty. The only person who can walk around the warehouse with just a tee short on when its minus 5 degrees outside.  Originally from Bradford and loving the Geordie sense of humour after marrying a local lass from the area. Beats most of the other lads at dinner time at pool playing with one hand.

Cameron G, Warehouse Operative

Cameron was suggested to us by Paul S the Sales manager and what a suggestion this has proved to be. Not long out of school and spells with Pizza Hut but his vocation is certainly shining through within the warehouse environment. Although a very quiet lad theres nothing quiet about the work rate he puts in hes more like a jet engine. Another great addition to the team. One of the star players in the five a side football

Gary S, Warehouse Operative

Gary has joined our team after years of working for the Co-Op amongst a mix of both male and females to an all male environment to which he is well suited with his wicked sense of humour and great work ethics. Only worry about Gary is his admission for having a fetish for deep pile carpets on a recent social evening.

Dave E, Warehouse Operative 

Dave was a former Amazon self-employed driver who wanted more of a secure job with a regular fixed income and regular hours so applied to a local advert for a warehouse operative role and impressed at interview. Multi skilled from his time in the forces in the RAF. Lives local and looking forward to a new baby arriving soon. Dave has the responsibility of loading our palletised freight in the most efficient manner onto our Pallet Carrier.

Ryan D, Warehouse Operative

Ryan has joined us from the huge operation known as Amazon and immediately prefers the close knit family atmosphere we try and generate at DC Iron. After initially struggling with certain aspects of the work he has now started to flourish and with his wicked sense of humour adds to the banter on the shop floor whilst maintaining the strong work ethics required. Good team player and excellent footballer to match his warehouse skills.

Michael H, Warehouse Operative Stock Control

Michael discovered DC Iron in his search to develop his acquired skills using the Warehouse Management System known as Snapfulfil which is being implimented into the company. Previous experience using it in a large bedding company made his desire to expand its usage in other industries and after discovering an article online mentioning our implimentation he submitted his CV to us and within a few weeks was on the payroll. Michaels full contribution to the company will be seen the more we begin to reply and implement Snapfulfil. Until then hes learning various aspects of the warehouse and becoming an important member of the stock control team.

Gary T, Warehouse Dispatch Supervisor

Has been with us since the very start and is responsible for ensuring the orders are quickly picked and packed to get there next day. Also deals with trade counter customers and booking goods in. Gary operates the fastest tape gun in the UK and has orders packed before the ink is even dry on the sales invoice.

Sadly on 5th December 2019 Gary lost his battle with prostate cancer at the age of 56 and sadly passed away. Gary was with Dave from virtually day one of starting the company. His humour, loyalty, and approach to work and the company ethics will be impossible to replace. He will be greatly missed by both the existing workforce and 100s of local customers who he loved to wind up at the trade counter. R.I.P. Gary Thompson 10th June 1963 - 5th December 2019